It’s been months since I’ve written a new post and in those months a lot has happened in our world, in the African continent, in Nigeria. Many young school girls missing, and now Ebola. The latter will be tackled in another post. First, the girls. The event that gave birth to the hashtag “bringbackourgirls.” A hashtag that seems like it’s now dead to the world. Forgotten.

On April 15th, Boko Haram a Nigerian terrorist group kidnapped 273 girls. These were secondary school girls, or high school girls. Today is the 133rd day since they went missing and aside from the few who escaped, approximately 230 are still missing. 230.

230 daughters. 230 sisters. 230 young children.

Some got word that the Nigerian government failed to act quickly when they heard about the abduction. Word that they ignored warning signs. That some police officers went into hiding when they saw the men coming.

Even with foreign countries getting involved, the girls have yet to be found. Some say chances of finding them all are slim. Some say chances of finding any of them are small.

Many have waited and watched and then waited some more. I have. 133 days. Aside from the girls who escaped, the others are still missing. My heart bleeds for the girls, for their parents, waiting everyday for their daughters. Reminiscing on the old days. Maybe even wishing they had held them tighter, given them a hug before they left for school that day.

Question is where were the country’s leaders when things got to this level? Didn’t they see the beginning signs of this group? Of the problems they could cause? Why didn’t they act earlier, stop them before it got to this point? So many questions but none so far that has led to finding the girls.

I think it’s safe to say Nigeria was once one of Africa’s leading nations. Now it’s dealing with problems from left to right. Problems that make some weep for the country. I weep. Like many out there, I’m still looking forward to the day when it rises again. Until then, let’s all keep praying and hoping that the girls will be found. All of them. Let’s keep the momentum going. Keep the hashtag #bringbackourgirls alive. Say it aloud and keep it on the minds of Nigerian leaders until they actually bring back our girls.