Hello there. Welcome to my blog. If you like learning about new cultures, this is the blog you should be reading. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to move to a different country or continent, you are at the right place. Have you packed your bags yet? Ok, let’s go!!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Yes, we are not African American and we know that we are biggest continent Region in the world. We are 54 countries and also we have our own ethnic cultures such as religion and languages. I belief most of our people live in a rich land because they have natural resources such as diamond, gold, oil, and other thousands natural things. However, our people are suffering because of colonial legacy that affected the African states. Some of the affects that the colonial left behind is corruption and that is the major problem in Africa today. African notations are dependent on the West because the West makes them belief that they cannot go forward without the help of the west. They put them in debt by lending them loads that comes with conditions that they cannot repay in the end and so, those conditions are the reasons why Africans cannot go forward. Was they are under corruption government and dictator leadership no matter where is in African or what they call Democrats they claiming are not true because of their childrens are left behind, and the reason is lag of Education they are suffering dying out side of street because of HIV or ADS Marilia. Believe me I was several African countries their leaders and corruption are and acceptable. I feel sorry for my African childeran who is dying every were because of civil war and faime HIV ADS and I’m not proud to call my self Africans however I have a hope one day my nation came to gather and do the right think. And don’t forgot there is a lot of African American People who is wealth educated are believe they are original African nation and willing to help these children without mom and dad :} thanks

  2. talk about Afrian nations not the hollyood images and the riches pple
    in Afrian however pres Obama did not believe he is Afrian and he don’t care his Afrian father

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